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Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi
hot pstromi stage plot
  • Monitors: Six wedge monitors (as above).  If not available, please discuss ahead of time with the group to make alternative arrangements.  Please have six music stands available.
  • Microphones/Amplifiers layout:
  • Downstage right Reeds - two mikes for sax and clarinet.
  • Vocal mic on stand with hook or high stool for tambourine; if cordless/wireless is available, please discuss with group in advance. 
  • Bass: Line-in
  • Violin: Line-in
  • Accordion: two mics
  • If the hall is large, two mics for drum kit
  • Out of town Travel & Accommodations: Please provide one hotel room with private bath per performer (Elizabeth Schwartz & Yale Strom will share one room with either one large bed or two smaller beds).  The performers will stay in the same hotel, to be determined.
  • Please provide transportation to and from the airport (or point of entry to your city).
  • Please provide one roundtrip ticket per performer.
  • Please provide dinner for the performers for each night of their stay.

Please have water onstage and in place for the musicians during the performance.