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Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi
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The Devil's Brides
Passionate, mournful, exuberant Klezmer and Yiddish songs played with violin, tsimbl, accordion, bass and vocals. Each track introduced by Miriam Margolyes; music from and inspired by the audio drama The Witches of Lublin, starring Tovah Feldshuh.  >Read Reviews devile's brides
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listenShtayngart's Skotshne
listenLubliner Tish Nign
listenDire Gelt
The Absolutely Complete Introduction to Klezmer (Transcontinental Music)  
The companion CD to Strom's staggering music book "The Absolutely Complete Klezmer Songbook" (313 melodies), many of these songs were collected from the field by Strom himself in Eastern Europe and published in this collection for the first time ever. Within the Absolutely Complete Klezmer Songbook you will find a number of exclusive and out of print lost treasures not available anywhere else.   This CD can be purchased alone or included with the songbook. >Read Reviews
listenBesarabisher Bulgar
listenRumenish Serba
listenBerditshever Khosedl
Absolutely Klezmer, Volume 2 (Transcontinental)
This incredible collection of music can also be found in The Complete Klezmer Songbook available from Transcontinental Music Publication. Yale Strom and his band Hot Pstromi mix the traditional Klezmer melodies with a hot new sound like nothing else you have ever heard. Yale and his band take Klezmer to a whole new level; jamming with some 5, 6, 7 minute tunes.  >Read Reviews
listenRumenye,  Rumenye
Borsht with Bread, Brothers (ARC UK)

Exuberant and mournful Klezmer melodies with vocals, violin, guitar, bass, accordion, saxophone and percussion.  The arrangements are spontaneous and unique and pay tribute to the past while creating something fresh and new. 36-page booklet with extensive info in English, German, French and Spanish. (Top Ten World Music Release, Montreal Gazette) > Read Reviews

listenSvalava Kozatshok (trad.Ukraine)
listenSzol a Kakos Mar (trad. Hungary w/Hungarian vocals)
listenBen Avrameni (Strom)
Cafe Jew Zoo (Naxos)
What rolls out on the aural waves of Café Jew Zoo is one of the most intelligent, integrated, and delightful surveys of klezmer that one is likely to encounter. Strom accomplishes his wish to explore the evolution of klezmer. This Eastern European music is as immediately identifiable as is Piazzola’s tangos. The music is readily danceable and sunny with a tinge of melancholy. Café Jew Zoo makes a splendid introduction to the uninitiated in this Jewish spirit of music making. (All About Jazz) > Read Reviews
listenCafe Jew Zoo (Strom w/Yiddish vocals)
listenShakhres (Morning Prayers) Shakhres (Morning Prayers - Strom)
listenBonesetter's Last Dance (Strom)
Carpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years (Global Village)
The haunting soundtrack from Strom's award-winning documentary film of the same title.  Features the Rom (Gypsy) music of the Carpathian region, performed by virtuosi Peter Stan, Fred Benedetti, Norbert Stachel, Strom, et al.
listenElmesz Babam Elmesz
listenLemnet a Tiszan
listenE Chririikli
Tales Our Fathers Sang (Global Village)
Tales Our Fathers Sang has a whopping twenty-eight tracks, based on short stories by such writers as Saul Bellow, Isaac Bashevis Singer, and Sholom Aleichem. Though not a word is sung, the characters in the stories come alive through the combinations of instruments skillfully played and arranged by Strom and members of his bands Klazzj and Hot Pstromi. Strom uses standard forms such as fraylakhs, waltzes, and horas in his compositions. Some have a `twenties cheesiness reminiscent of R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders, others have Latin and Arabic touches, still others have the mock melodrama of a good klezmer tune. Strom and company play with a crisp sense of rhythm yet maintain a loose-limbed flow that at times borders on cacophony.  This is a well-conceived and well played concept album. (Roots World)
tale of father
listenBeggar's Dance (Yale Strom)
Dveykes (Global Village)
Strom with newly composed music in hand meets bassist Mark Dresser, clarinetist/saxophonist Marty Ehrlich, pianist Diane Moser and drummer Benny Koonyevsky for Dveykes. On several strikingly spiritual cuts the players solo, pair up or become a trio for intimate renderings of deeply devotional original material. Strom is particularly intense on the two prayerful title pieces and Ehrlich, blowing a Trane-like tenor, joins with Dresser for a pair of equally soulful portrayals of "Krakow". Ensemble presentations evince a communal character that fuses freedom with spirit and klezmer with jazz. Schwartz' earthy alto voice sonically blends with tenor and bass for the sultry "Stained Red" and rises in sarcastic political protest on "If God Moved to the Neighborhood". While Borsht with Bread Brothers is a wonderful compendium of heartfelt cultural music Dveykes is a synergistically soulful cutting edge meeting. (All About Jazz) > Read Reviews
listenDveykes No. 2 (Nirvana) (Strom)
listenTibi's Hora (Strom)
listenStained Red (Strom w/Yiddish and English vocals)
Garden of Yidn (Naxos)
“A landmark in modern Yiddish song.” (Sing Out! Magazine) Debuted in the top twenty on Canada's Mundial music critics poll. > Read Reviews
garden of yidn
listenSha Shtil (Shh Be Quiet) (trad. Yiddish w/Yiddish vocals)
With A Little Horseradish on the Side (Global Village)
This seminal recording features Strom, Andy Statman, Mark Dresser, Ismail Butera and Seido Salifoski. "Number One Recording, 1993" (Jewish Herald Voice)
listenSteppes of Syami (trad. Belarus)